is a development company in the field of sports that commercializes InCorpus, a mobile and web application for athletes, coaches and clubs. This platform lets you follow and manage the performance of a sportsman within a team. In 2020, needed Coteries’ development services to integrate a payment system (Stripe) to their web application. Our CTO, Livio Gamassia, brought his expertise and experience in development and several other areas.

Skills used:

  • React JS development
  • Project management for web and mobile development
  • User experience (UX Design)

Join the company and provide development support created a web application made with React and needed to integrate Stripe as a payment system. As a React specialist, Livio joined the team for around ten days to bring his skills to the table and support the development of the web application.

The workload was relatively heavy and several challenges were quickly met:

  • Integrating a new team and delivering results quickly
  • Understanding the product and its specifications
  • Working hand in hand internally with the developers and designers
  • Testing the end-to-end user experience
  • Coordinate backend and frontend developments on payment
  • Fixing bugs and improving the stability of the application

Provide concrete technical and organizational solutions

Thanks to Livio’s expertise, the payment module with Stripe was quickly integrated and he was able to work on other aspects of the application, as the project included many special features, such as:

  • Managing user profiles and account settings
  • Creating and optimizing the onboarding for coaches
  • Validating emails for registrations

By joining the team at, our CTO was also able to identify some communication difficulties between the different teams at the client’s site and suggest solutions for the structure and methodology of the project, such as deployment notifications in Microsoft Teams.

The availability of a specialist on site also made it possible to coordinate the back-end and to highlight problems with the user experience (UX Design). We also corrected blocking points by coordinating with a designer from the client’s team.

The collaboration on this project was a great success, exceeding the initial objectives and having a decisive impact on the finalisation of the client’s application.