Our client is a multinational active in the field of chemistry. They have several production sites around the world and deliver their products to a large number of distributors.

In order to facilitate the handling of products and increase security of operations all along the supply chain, this multinational had the project to develop an application allowing quick access to the safety sheet of a product. Every logistician has to be capable of quickly identifying the dangers of a manipulated package by means of his or her mobile phone.

Used skills:

  • Design mock-ups and a clickable prototype
  • UX/UI Design
  • Development of a progressive web application in Angular

Mock-up designs and a clickable prototype

Coteries had conducted a Design Workshop with the client – carried out 100% online due to the pandemic – in order to create the mockups for the future application.

After several iterations, we have finalised the mockup and a clickable prototype, which was tested by several user categories of the multinational.

Development of the application and connection with an API

We have then defined the functional specifications with the client, in order to be able to estimate in detail the time needed to develop the web application.

After analysis, it was decided to develop a progressive web application (PWA), instead of a native mobile application. Indeed, a web application allows any actor in the logistics chain to use any type of phone to scan the product tag with a QR code, and then rapidly access its safety data sheet.

We took care of the front-end development of the web application, by means of the JS framework Angular. We have then supported the internal project team in integrating the application with their own database, including the creation of an API (Application Programming Interface).

The web application was then made available for thousands of employees and distributors of the multinational to use.