Digital Marketing Terms – A Guide to Learn the Basics

Nowadays, acronyms and new marketing terms are surrounding us everywhere. And for non-English speakers, some of them can be tricky to understand correctly. We thought it could be a great idea to make a recap and explain some of the most important digital marketing terms. Let's…

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Remarketing Retargeting; Coteries Lab; Shutterstock

Losing Conversions? Try 4 Winning Remarketing Strategies to Get Them Back

When you check your website’s analytics, do you ever look at your bounce rate? Of course, you do! You’re interested in why so many potential customers (or previous customers) visit your website, take a look around, then leave. Why are they leaving? Is my website engaging…

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Email Marketing Optimization Hacks (Infographic)

A few weeks ago, we came across an interesting infographic about email marketing, published by 99firms. We liked it so much that we want to make it available for you here! Nowadays, there are more marketing channels than ever before in human history. Email is arguably the most…

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